Cost of Moving a Boiler in Your Home UK

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There are times when boilers are initially installed in not so convenient places. When the time comes that you decide to move your home’s boiler somewhere else, it is important to consider how much the job will cost you.

The cost of moving a boiler in your UK home typically costs £300 to £800. This often takes 1 to 2 days although it will vary depending on the distance between the current location of your boiler and where you plan to move it.

Cost of Moving Home Boilers

You can typically expect to pay anywhere between £250 and £500 for moving an average central heating boiler. But, you have to be ready to pay more if there is a need for the engineer to do some significant flue work or pipework. Here is a quick rundown of the prices of the materials that will be needed for the job:

  • Boiler flue – £100 to £150
  • Controls – £80 to £700
  • Flue pipes – £45 per meter
  • Pipework – £300 to £700
  • Magnetic filter – £120 to £140

You can expect to pay somewhere around £350 up to 750 for moving your boiler to another location. This cost will already include the labour and parts. You also have to be ready to pay a maximum of £350 to move your boiler a couple of feet. An average move will cost £500 and up to £750 for moves involving lots of pipework such as drilling through the walls and others.

Cost of Replacing and Moving Your Boiler to Another Location

The cost to replace your boiler and move it to a different location can range anywhere from £150 up to £500 that will already include the installation cost of the boiler.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Moving Your Home’s Boiler

  • Materials used and total time taken to complete the job

If more materials were used and the job takes longer to finish, it only makes sense that moving your boiler to a new location will also cost you more.

  • Extra pipework needed

Copper is used for pipework for boilers and this material is not really cheap. If the gas fitter uses more copper, the cost will also be higher to move the boiler. You will not just pay for the additional copper since you will pay for the time of the gas fitter as well.

  • Additional extensions and flues required

A different flue is necessary if your current flue is coming out of the wall’s side or a horizontal flue and you like to move your boiler into your loft. A vertical flue together with 1 to 2 extensions will be needed for it to penetrate the roof. 

Aside from laying pipework, there are still other things that will affect the cost of moving your home’s boiler to a different location. Some other things that will cost money and take time depending on the job include the following:

  • Patching up existing holes
  • Drilling holes through the walls for the flue and pipe
  • Relaying and lifting floorboards

This explains why moving your boiler several feet within the same room can be almost half the cost of moving it another room. 

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