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Your radiator can accumulate gunk and corrosion due to exposure to the elements, thermal stress, and daily usage. If left untreated, gunk can build up and potentially clog your radiator and cause it to run inefficiently and can cause long term damage to your radiator and your central heating system. That is why we recommend our power flushing services to clear debris and corrosion, before they permanently clog your heating system.

Power Flushing your radiator is an effective way of helping prolong the life of your radiator and increase its efficiency. Overtime your radiator can develop leaks due to the normal wear from daily operation. The thermal stress of heating and cooling can cause your valves and gasket to expand and contract until they are no longer able to reliably seal the water, causing your radiator to leak. If you notice a pool of water under your radiator then call us immediately to conduct a full diagnosis of the problem.

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What is Power Flushing

Power Flushing is a method that maintains your radiator, pipes, and heating system by pumping in fresh water into the system, together with cleaning chemicals to flush and remove corrosion, gunk and debris inside the system.

The Benefits of Power Flushing

Power flushing is an essential service and provides a number of short-term and long-term cost-saving benefits.

Signs Than Your Radiator Needs Power Flushing

The pipes to your radiators are hot but your radiator is stone cold. This could be a sign that there is a blockage in your radiator inlet. We strongly advise flushing the radiator first before thinking of replacing it

Uneven distribution of heat in your radiator. If you notice that there are cold spots in your radiator then it might need flushing. Debris can clog the internal piping of your radiator restricting the flow of hot water

A leaking radiator might be a sign that some of its internal pipes have been choked by gunk and corrosion

Noisy heating pipes. Pipes produce noise because of the stresses produced by heat and the temperature difference of the air. However, if you notice that your pipes are abnormally noisy then it may be a sign that you need to power flush your system to remove debris floating inside the pipes

Dirty water in your system. If the water being circulated in your heating system is dirty then it is a sign that it is carrying dirt and debris that can potentially clog your system


Radiator Repair In Gillingham

Radiators are responsible for distributing heat that is generated from your boiler to the rooms in your house. Having a faulty radiator means that the heat will not be radiated properly causing colder temperatures in your rooms, at increased costs because you’re burning more energy. The efficiency of your radiators decreases over time because and the build-up of sludge and dirt within its internal piping. Thermal stress also takes a heavy toll on your radiator, that is why leaks can spring up from time to time. Call Blueline Plumbers Gillingham for any issues you are facing with your radiator.


One of the signs that your radiator needs attention is when it overheats. A radiator overheats when the flow of heated water in its internal pipe is restricted because of sludge or debris. If the obstruction has been left untreated for a long span of time it can permanently clog the internal pipe

Your radiator is stone cold. Even after power flushing, your radiator is still cold then it may require further servicing. This can include replacing the thermostat and inlet valves. Other causes for a cold radiator can be, too much air in your system or the water in the pipes are frozen

A leaking Radiator is another sign that it needs servicing or repair. A radiator leak can mean many things from a failing gasket, to faulty valves, so we strongly advise you to consult with our professional plumbing engineers and get the problem sorted swiftly.

Why Choose Professional Services vs DIY

Do it yourself repair is sometimes referred to as destroy it yourself because of the risks you take by undertaking advanced work by yourself. Your Heating system almost always contains pressurized heated water and air and if you are not careful then you run the risk of serious injury when you attempt a Do-it-yourself fix to your central heating system. Apart from running the risk of injury, you are also running the risk of potentially damaging your expensive central heating system so we strongly advise you to contact our professionals.

Got a plumbing emergency? Our Emergency Plumbing Services are available on demand. We provide a quick and efficient service to minimize the damage of unpredictable pipe bursts or leaking at very affordable prices.


Why Choose Our Power Flush Experts

We are committed to providing the highest quality of service at very affordable rates. We always aim to build long lasting relationships with our customers and so far, so good! Our work speaks for itself and we maintain a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our customers. Give our friendly team a call today for a quick and easy quote regarding your radiator. We would be more than happy to come and visit your property, to do a full survey of the problems you are facing. If you are looking for a team of professional bathroom fitters, then give our office a call to discuss your project.

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