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Are you feeling uncomfortable with the temperature in your own home? Do you still feel cold even when your heating system is running? If yes, then these are signs that your central heating system needs a possible inspection and service.

An inefficient central heating system can increase costs and can potentially damage pipes and radiators if left unchecked. We always recommend annual servicing for your home’s central heating system to spot for potential problems before they escalate into much larger issues.

We also provide central heating installation services by our accredited Gas Safe Engineers. We make your home safer by using industry best practices and standards in all of our projects.

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Central Heating Installation

Whether you are installing a new central heating system in a new home or upgrading an existing system, we will provide you with all the heating and plumbing services that your property requires. We provide honest quotes and estimates on your project and we will only use the highest quality materials within in the means of your proposed budget.

Our Central Heating Installation Services also include heating control installations to help you efficiently manage your central heating system at the same time lowering utility costs.

Central Heating Pipe Repair

Daily wear and tear, coupled with thermal stress can take a strain on your central heating piping system, that is why we also offer pipe repair services to replace corroded pipes and help ensure that your heating system is running at optimum performance. If your heat pipes are corroded or damaged, then your radiators will no longer be able to distribute the heat properly in your home.

Radiator Installation

Your radiators are one of the key aspects of your central heating system. The radiator helps distribute the heat that is generated by your boiler. They perform an important function by heating the rooms in your house. If you plan on extending your home or expanding your heating coverage to a new room then we provide professional radiator installation services. Our engineers will gladly help you choose the right radiator, according to your heating system, size of room, requirements, and most importantly your budget.

Radiator Repair

Are you having issues with your current radiator not radiating heat properly? Is water pooling underneath your radiator? Too many hisses and loud noises? Then your radiator might need repair. Our engineers will ensure that your radiator will be up and working in no time. We service all types and brands of radiators and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our customers.

Radiator Relocation

Do you have a fancy new sofa that you can’t place because a radiator is blocking the way? Planning to remodel your home, but don’t know what to do with your radiators? Simply move it. Our professional central heating engineers will quickly move your radiators with minimal disruptions to your home at very affordable rates.

Other Services

Heating Appliance Installation

We also install other heating appliances in your home. Our services include the installation of Gas Cookers, fireplaces, electric heaters, cylinders, and other home heating appliances. Our Gas Safety registered Central Heating Engineers provide a 100% guarantee in workmanship covering all of our projects.

Additionally, we are experienced in handling and installing different brands of heating appliances according to the manufacturer’s specification, so that you’ll always be covered by the warranty.

Central Heating Safety Checks

We understand that your central heating system within your home, represents a significant investment of money and we will make sure that you are able to enjoy that investment comfortably and ensure your system in performing at optimal level for as long as possible.

Your safety is our top priority, that is why we also provide gas safety checks. Our Gas Safe registered engineers will meticulously check your central heating systems for signs of wear and tear and spot potential future disruptions before they can cause a problem. Annual safety checks can help prolong your central heating system, as well as reduce the risks of gas leaks in your property.

Why Choose Professional Services vs DIY

Your home’s central heating systems run almost daily, so it comes to no surprise that a couple of problems are bound to occur once in a while. These small faults can seem pretty easy to fix and a quick search on the internet can reveal hundreds of different DIY instructions to help you fix that problem. However, many people fail to see that the leaking pipe you are attempting to fix, is part of a much bigger system. That leaking pipe you managed to fix, might be leaking because of abnormally high pressure from your system, which left unchecked can even cause much bigger problems.
So, that is why we strongly advise you to consult with our professionals instead of fixing it yourself.

Your quick DIY fix can quickly turn into a big problem even if you follow instructions to the dot. Our guys have years of experience practising their craft, so you can sit back and relax while we fix your central heating problems for you at affordable rates.


Why Choose Our Heating Engineers?

Here at Blueline Plumbers Gillingham, we put our name on the line in all the projects that we do. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our services because we love building long-lasting relationships with our clients as much as we love plumbing and heating.

We pride ourselves in our workmanship and our quick efficient services for all your heating and plumbing needs. Call our office today, to speak with a member of our professional team.

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