The Cost of Plumbing a House Per Square Foot, UK

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Plumbing is a tricky process and even the smallest mistakes can easily cost you damages worth thousands of pounds on top of some major and serious inconveniences. This is the very reason why hiring the best plumber to do the job is an essential step you need to take.

How Much Does It Cost to Plumb a House Per Square Foot?

The cost of repairing plumbing issues actually depends on the size of the job.  As expected, the cost will be higher if the job is also bigger. For example, fixing leaky faucets or drain cleaning has an average cost of £100 to £250. You can expect to pay about £160 to £310 for larger jobs like repairing leaking pipes. It is important to note that plumbers in the UK have fixed charges or hourly or daily rates instead of pricing the job per square foot.

Plumbing is known as among the most varied of all trades out there since it requires an excellent technical knowledge and a plethora of capabilities and skills. The job of a plumber goes beyond fixing your leaky taps. Most of the time, plumbers are hired to handle more complex issues such as installation  of new appliances or repair works on leaking pipes.

The costs of plumbing are impossible to estimate since each job is unique and different. There are some jobs that need a specific amount of time with the plumber quoting you accordingly. Plumbing costs generally depend on the following:

  • Size and type of the plumbing job
  • Any heating servicing or boiler installation needed
  • Your location
  • Plumbing materials required for completing the job
  • If the plumber will charge per hour or provide a fixed rate
  • If it is an emergency situation with public holiday and weekend rates per hour costing you more

Hourly Rates of Plumbers

The amount that plumbers charge per hour depends on the time of day or night and on your specific location. The average rate per hour for plumbers in the UK is around £40 up to £60.

Daily Rates of Plumbers

Plumbers in the United Kingdom may also charge per day and this can go between £320 and £375 plus VAT. But, you can expect to spend around £400 to £475 plus VAT.

Labour Costs for UK Plumbers

Plumber rates can vary a lot and this will depend on whether the plumber will charge you per hour or by the total cost of the project. Make sure to always ask for a quoted price to help you budget for your plumbing costs. Plumbing repairs are commonly charged based on an hourly rate. It is recommended that you also ask the plumber how long it normally takes him to complete the job and ask for the price this job is going to cost you.

Plumbers often have a minimum charge and this is known as the call-out fee. This is the fee equivalent to one hour of work. Extra time can be charged per 15 minutes, per half an hour, or per hour. The average rate per hour in the UK is £40 per hour. But, based on the size of your chosen company and your location, you should be ready to pay 10% up to 30% more.

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