Can a Plumber Replace an Electric Shower?

Is your electric shower starting to lose its sparkle?

Does it seem tired and dull lately?

If these questions get a yes for an answer, then, it is about time for you to get a replacement. But, who can and should replace your electric shower, then?

Who Can Install or Replace Electric Showers?

Both electrical and plumbing experience is necessary during the installation of a new electric shower, especially since there is a chance that the new shower system has higher wattage compared to the previous one.

Instead of trying to do things on your own and put yourself at risk of injuries, it is best to get the help of a qualified plumber to ensure a safe reinstallation or replacement of your electric shower.

If you don’t have the proper qualifications for doing the job, it is a must to get in touch with a qualified electrician or a Part P certified plumber. When looking for an installer, you have to check and make sure that you hire someone who is registered with any of the relevant trade bodies. 

There are various qualifications that the plumber can have and these can range from being Chartered, apprenticeships, NVQs, and City & Guilds.

Any electrical job performed in shower rooms, bathrooms, wet rooms, cloakrooms, and kitchens are deemed as special cases under the existing legislation. It is for this reason that this kind of work must only be done by part P certified electricians who must issue the part P certificate for the job done.

To answer your question, if the plumbers are part P certified, they can fit electric showers and if not, they should never fit it at all and it would be better for you to look for an electrician instead.

How About Replacing an Electric Shower on Your Own?

Can you replace your electric shower all by yourself? Well, the answer is actually yes. This might not be the easiest and simplest job out there. However, it is still very much possible with lots of preparation, attention, and care. 

Now, even if you can replace your electric shower on your own, you need to be suitably qualified. Never, ever take the risk if you are not qualified or trained in electrics in the first place. Although the price of electric shower installation is often higher than the price of the shower itself, it will never be worth it to put yourself at risk just so you can save some bucks.

How Much Will It Cost to Replace an Electric Shower?

Now that you know that it is best to hire a qualified professional to replace your electric shower, your next concern is probably how much the job will cost you.

As expected, the costs will vary based on your location and the present demand for electricians and plumbers. However, for like for like replacements, the cost of installation can range somewhere between £150 up to £1,000 while you can expect to spend as much as £700 to £2,500 when the replacement involves some tweaks to your electrics or plumbing systems.

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