Cost of Plumbing a 3 Bedroom House UK

Your home’s plumbing system removes waste and provides water. It also helps transform your house into a cosy and comfortable home.

The costs of bathroom installation will depend on different factors including the types of fittings and fixtures you choose, your property’s current condition, and the size of the job.

How Much Will It Cost You to Plumb a UK Home with 3 Bedrooms?

It can be a very expensive and complex job to plumb a UK home from scratch. The average cost of installing plumbing in a new house with 3 bedrooms is £15,000.

This quote includes the labour for installation of new pipework all over the property, getting it connected to the mains services such as drainage, sewerage, and water wherever necessary.

Your choice of fittings, fixtures, and pipes will also affect the price together with the style and size of your property and your location.

Call Out Fees, Minimum Charges, and Hourly Rates

Majority of plumbers follow a minimum that is usually a call out fee or the amount that is equivalent to an hour of work.

Any additional time will then be charged that can either be per 15 minutes, per half hour, or per hour.

The hourly rates may differ all over the country and another factor is the size of your chosen company.

A bigger business with layers of middle management staff and shareholders will expected have more overheads compared to a small one-man type trader.

Average Plumbing Costs

Establishing an average cost for plumbing is not really easy since prices tend to vary a lot based on several factors that include the following:

Size and type of the plumbing job

For instance, a simple job of drain unblocking will just take a maximum of two hours and will be cheaper compared to installing an entirely new plumbing system for a bathroom that can take several days.

Your area of residence

The cost of hiring plumbers will also vary based on the area where you live. For example, hiring a plumber in London will likely cost you more because the prices for all the services are typically higher in the capital than other parts of the country.

If you will pay an hourly or fixed rate

Getting a fixed quote is better before your plumbing work begins. Most plumbers, however, charge their clients with per hour rates.

Plumbing materials

It is also important to consider the cost of the materials that will be used in addition to the labour prices when you plan your budget for your plumbing needs. Plumbers often get their materials at discounted prices.

If it is an emergency

In case you will need emergency plumbing services, expect that you will be charged extra, particularly if you will call out the plumber on holidays, weekends, in the middle of the night, or during busy periods such as winter. 

Knowing the cost of plumbing a 3 bedroom house is important so you can set your budget accordingly.  

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