How Much Does a Heating Engineer Charge Per Hour UK?

A heating engineer installs, repairs, and services boilers, controls, and pipework that are used for heating your home. Keeping your home warm and cosy can make a big difference between having a fun and comfortable time in your home and feeling the need to put it up for sale in the market.

This is why it is important to hire the best and most reliable heating engineer who can do the job right from the first time. To do this, you need to set your budget first before anything else. 

How much do heating engineers in the UK charge per hour?

Typically, the hourly charge of heating engineers ranges from £27 to £75.

What Do Heating Engineers Do?

A heating engineer, as the name suggests, focuses mainly on jobs related to commercial and residential heating systems. This field still has many other varieties.  A heating engineer can be busy with the installation of a gas boiler or the repair of a central heating system today only to find themselves called over the next day to fix the ductwork in a commercial establishment the next.

Heating engineers usually work side by side with gas engineers as they carry out as much work as possible on the heating systems that don’t need to work with gas. The heating engineers typically hold an NVQ or the equivalent that is the second step up from being a plumber.

However, it is important to take note that while heating engineers may also a plumber, as is the case most of the time, they don’t have the license, competence, and qualification to deal with any gas-related work. The law also doesn’t allow them to do so. But, it has now become a trend among heating engineers to still sign up with the Gas Safe Register.

Factors That Affect the Hourly Rate of Heating Engineers

The amount that a heating engineer charges the clients will depend on the specific task at hand as with all types of tradespeople out there. These can include factors such as the following:

  • Urgency of the job
  • How long the job will take
  • The parts required

It can be a bit difficult to reach an accurate quote for a heating engineer, particularly for boilers. This is not until the heating engineer personally sees and inspects your boiler and determines the specific issue. It is usually because you might have reported a symptom instead of the problem itself. For instance, you might have reported that your hot water doesn’t work. A big part of the job of a heating engineer is diagnosing and fixing the problem.

Take note that a heating engineer must also be Gas Safe Registered and must be able to present evidence of such qualification once asked. It can be very risky to deal with a malfunctioning boiler so never take the risk when hiring a person who will work on your unit.

Try to compare several heating engineers first to get the best hourly rates that suit your budget.

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