How Much Does It Cost to Move Kitchen Plumbing UK?

If your home renovation is underway, there might be a need for you to move plumbing to make the most out of the quality space and create the home of your dreams. It doesn’t matter if you will rearrange the appliances in your kitchen or create a completely new kitchen that needs plumbing, it is imperative to plan in advance to be sure that this important part of your home will be fully functional. Choose a reliable plumbing contractor to help with the works.

But, it doesn’t mean you should hold back and delay your plans. To be sure that you set out on the right foot, the first thing you should do is to know how much it will cost you to do the job.

How Much Will It Cost to Relocate Kitchen Plumbing?

The average cost of relocating an existing kitchen can range from £14,000 up to £19,000 and this depends on how intricate or complex the job that needs to be done. Builders typically charge £150 as a daily rate.

If your plan is to move your kitchen to another part of your home or property, the overall cost can reach as much as £16,000. Out of this amount, £12,800 will cover the materials, £2400 pays for the tradesmen’s fees, while the remaining £800 will account for waste removal. 

What to Expect When Moving a Kitchen

In order to move your kitchen, the existing kitchen must be removed and this will include dismantling all the cabinets in the room and disconnecting all the plumbing and appliances. The former kitchen space will undergo renovation to transform it to your preferred alternative space. Some of the works involved to overhaul this space include making updates on the flooring and repairing the walls.

To create the new spot for your brand new kitchen, new plumbing pipes will be laid, new fittings for the kitchen will be installed, with the flooring, walls, and other necessary spots decorated and repaired.

It is a complicated job to move a kitchen and it involves various tasks. It is important to hire a licensed and experienced plumber to perform the range of drainage and plumbing works for you. You also need to work with a decorator, painter, and plasterer for repairing the walls. An electrician might also be necessary during your kitchen renovation. 

Drainage and plumbing is obviously a critical area that must be done properly right from the first time. Depending on the distance of your new kitchen from the available pipes, this can significantly affect your overall costs. More effort and time will be required if the pipes are located further from the new kitchen. It will accordingly incur an increase in cost. Considering the importance of good quality plumbing for your kitchen, it is advisable to talk about the available options for the pipe and request for several quotations from different plumbers. 

Moving your kitchen is a complex job that involves lots of work, various tasks, and the need to hire several tradesmen aside from plumbers alone. This is why this is one of those projects that you should never attempt doing all by yourself.

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